On Page SEO Tips


On Page SEO is an important part of SEO (search engine optimization) activities. It is a process of structuring website to make it search engine friendly giving it a high ranking and visibility on the search engines. Niche keywords are used in the content so that they are properly indexed by the search engine bots […]

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Re-purposing Content


Anyone who creates content on a regular basis understands for just one person the job simply isn’t sustainable indefinitely. At some point, probably sooner than later, original content will not be able to be created in the time it is due. This is precisely why content creators repurpose their work — to get the most […]

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What Do You Need To Build A Computer

new computer

With the ability to build a desktop computer no easily within everyone’s reach thanks to simplified processes, many people have at least considered the prospect of constructing their own PC from parts, but a lot of people don’t know exactly what components they need in order to build a proper machine. The first part you […]

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Connecting WordPress with Social Media

Screen shot 2012-09-07 at 3.58.40 PM

Get Connected! Your brain has been excavated of all its creativity and profound ideas. The simple act of creating a WordPress Blog has liberated the thoughts held prisoner from the deep chambers of your head. You may have spent hours, even days, writing your masterpiece, and clicking the “update” button is the final step to […]

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How Do You Build Trust On Your Blog?


Many bloggers reach a point in their business where they began to ask serious questions. They wonder if this is worth their time. They wonder how much longer they can keep blogging as a ‘non-profit’ business. This is the moment of truth that either weeds them out or makes them stronger. If they choose to […]

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