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Hiring a Java Developer


Java and PHP are the favored programming languages among most java developers. This is due to the fact that java is highly versatile and is an open source platform. Even though PHP is an inventive way of designing dynamic websites and is an easy language when compared to java, java works across platforms; Windows and […]

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WordPress vs. Custom Code: The Pros and Cons of Using Each For Your New Website


Deciding whether to use custom code or WordPress for your website boils down to a few factors. One obvious difference between the two is that coding a website yourself is much more difficult than using a template that would be provided by a site builder such as WordPress. When it comes down to it, whatever […]

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On Page SEO Tips


On Page SEO is an important part of SEO (search engine optimization) activities. It is a process of structuring website to make it search engine friendly giving it a high ranking and visibility on the search engines. Niche keywords are used in the content so that they are properly indexed by the search engine bots […]

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Top 5 Plugins for Getting Your WordPress Blog Started

WordPress is a very powerful and flexible blog/content management system, but the thousands of plugins really help to extend the basic functionality and exposure on social media. Here are 13 essential plugins that you should immediately install after finishing the WordPress installation. 1) Akismet – This one should be a no-brainer. Akismet uses their web service to check the […]

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