Most Popular WordPress Themes

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WordPress is a fantastic service available to individuals who are looking to create their own website. WordPress gives anyone the power to produce a website without the aid of expensive designers. This is perfect for anything from a blog to an e-commerce site. However, before someone can start designing their website they need to have an idea as to what some available themes are. There are literally tens of thousands of available themes, so if someone wants their site to look a certain way, chances are there are dozens of themes to offer this kind of service. In terms of just general feel, ease of use and availability to the highest number of designers though, here are some of the most popular WordPress themes available on the Internet.

Twenty Fifteen

While it might be dated for the previous year, it offers a nice, simple yet clean look. The font is easy to read with the entire center and right portion of the website offering information including written posts and images. This is a great option for blogs. This is especially the case as the left side of the screen provides information on the blog, information on the author or other individuals who are simply looking to include content about themselves or their company. If someone just wants an easy to use, clean website, this is the way to go.


Probably the best feature of this website theme is it is a responsive design. This means it is able to shift and change shape depending on the viewing screen. This is especially helpful for any website viewed, no matter if it is on a desktop computer or a smart phone. It is often frustrating for a visitor to constantly shift, scroll and zoom in to see the content on the page. Many visitors actually leave a website if the design is inferior. That is exactly why it is a great feature to have. This particular theme doesn’t just resize the shape of the display itself, but content found on the page. It shifts the size of slideshows to better fit a screen, plus it can be customized with Google Fonts, which improves the number of options available to a website designer.

Parallax One

This is another responsive design website. Outside of possibly blogs, just about any website design should really include this kind of a feature. A blog is likely going to be zoomed into to read from a portable device, so this isn’t as much of a problem. However, when display a variety of links, content and information, responsive is necessary. This theme is a plus for e-commerce site. It makes it easy to list items for sale, not to mention it is helpful for setting up a Web store. For anyone looking to create their own website while selling items, they are able to do exactly this. So, the next time anyone wants to create a e-commerce site for free, they should check out this particular WordPress theme.

There are all sorts of different themes out there for website designers to take advantage of. Here are a few of the very best to select.

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