WordPress SEO: basic plugins and tips

by on 28/02/08 at 8:56 pm

Lately there have been some changes in terms of SEO is concerned, the most important is undoubtedly the inclusion of tag rel = "canonical"which solves the problem of duplicate content that generated so many headaches. Well, it turns out that the fabulous plugin ” All In One SEO Pack“and is included the option to use rel = "canonical" in your post so that now more than ever appropriate to update the plugin to the latest stable version is 1.6. 4.1 (the eye that is only compatible with wordpress 2.8.4 or higher) and of course it is advisable to upgrade WordPress to the latest version.

Then there is also one of the plugins that should never miss the Google XML Sitemaps which of course also need to be updated, remember that every time you post something new on my blog, this amazing plugin is responsible for sending a notice to Google , Bing, Yahoo and Ask (the 4 major search engines) as well as generate and update your sitemap.

Another important point is the use of tags “alt” and “title” in the pictures, if you’re using a recent version of WordPress, the time to upload the image with the WP manager, do not forget to always include a description of the image (if within the description you include any of the keywords you’re using after better and longer if naturally). 

It also has to climb the ladder to the search results (SEO), frequency of publication and of course as you know, content is king, the more you post interesting articlesand well structured , you take more account both search engines as your readers.

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