Removing the category and search box from the Connections Pro plugin, with CMAP template

by on 29/02/12 at 11:16 pm


Some people may not want these to show up…here’s how to remove them:

  1. Open your FTP client, connect to your server
  2. Go to wp-content/plugins/connections/css
  3. Download and create a backup copy of ‘chosen.css’
  4. Change line 8 from “display: inline-block;” to “display:none;”
  5. Now go to wp-content/connections_templates/cmap
  6. Download and create a backup copy of ‘styles.css’
  7. Change line 48
    1. From: “div#cn-cmap { float: right;}”
    2. To: “div#cn-cmap { float: right; display:none;}”
  8. Now upload both back to the server and check verify that the update worked!

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